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Course Reserves - Library Reading Lists

Learn about the Library Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

Re-Linking Library Reading Lists within Brightspace

Find the week or module you want to add the reading list to and under Existing Activities, click External Learning Tools

screenshot of how to add a learning tool

Search for Library

search for library example

Click the PWL – Library Reading List link and it will be added to your module.

Click the PWL – Library Reading List link you just created to open the Library Reading List

PWL-LIbrary Reading List highlighted

Click the three dots next to the section you want to link

screenshot of 3 dots highlighted

And click Re-link from Desire2Learn to here

relink from D2L to here option highlighted

Click OK on the popup

confirmation screen to relink

You will see a notification indicating that your change was successful

notification that reading list was relinked

You can then go back into your module and test it out! You can relink the reading list as many times for as many different weeks/modules as you would like by following the steps above.