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Reading Lists (Leganto) - Course Reserves

Learn about the Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

1a: Add a new module to Brightspace

These instructions will help you add the Library Reading List tool to Brightspace so your students will be able to access the Reading List directly in LMS.

Log in to Brightspace

When you log in to Brightspace, select the course where you want to add the Library Reading List. Then click the Content tab at the top. 

screenshot of brightspace with content option highlighted

Add a Module

On the left side of the screen, find Add a module at the bottom and type a module name into the box (i.e. Library Reading List) and hit Enter.

Screenshot of Brightspace with add a module location highlighted

Your new module will now appear.

Add WL-Library Reading List tool

Next, select Existing Activities and choose External Learning Tools

Screenshot of Brightspace with external learning tools highlighted

This will open a list of tools. You will want to search for Library in the search bar, then click on PWL - Library Reading List.

Screenshot of brightspace with WL-Library Reading List highlighted

You have successfully added the Library Reading List tool to your course! 

screenshot of library reading list successfully added to brightspace

Next Steps

You're now ready to Create a Reading List.