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Course Reserves - Library Reading Lists

Learn about the Library Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

2b: Search for reading list items

These directions will show you how to search for items to the Library Reading List that are currently held by the Libraries.

Add items

When you want to search for items, you will click Add items +. If you don’t see the Add items + button, you will need to create a New Section to add items. You can also click the three dots in the section and select Add Items to add directly to that section.

After clicking Add Items, you can choose one of four options: 1) Library Search - searches Libraries-owned resources for citations; 2) Blank Form - creates a new citation for materials not own by the Libraries (e.g., links to YouTube videos); 3) Collection - citations from your Library Reading List collection (if applicable); 4) Upload a file to create a new citation.

Screenshot of Add items options

Library Search Box

When you click Library Search, a search box will open. This is where you can search for items that are available through the Libraries catalog. You can choose different search options from the drop-down bar: Everything, Books & Media, etc. 

screenshot of search screen

Advanced Search

You can also use the Advanced Search feature.

 advanced search options


Once you search for an item, you will get a list of results and you can limit by type:

Search results limitations

When you scroll down on that screen, you will see the list of results. Each result will have important information on it, for example:

Print book

Print book example

Electronic Book

electronic book example

Book available in both print and electronic

electronic and print book option

Electronic journal article

All journal articles that appear in the search are only available electronically. The results will indicate if the article is open access. If you have a journal article or book chapter you need scanned from print, please see "Scan requests for print items" in this guide.

electronic journal article option

Next Steps

You're now ready to add items to your reading list. You can add electronic catalog items, scan requests for print items, purchase requests for print items, and items that the Libraries do not own.