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Course Reserves - Library Reading Lists

Learn about the Library Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload a file of references/citations for Libraries staff to process for me?

Yes! If you’re creating a Library Reading List for the first time for a course in Brightspace, you can choose the “Upload a document containing an existing reading list” option.

See Section 1e: Upload a Citation List for those steps.

My course has two sections that are cross-listed. I created a reading list for one section and when we merged the two sections, the links in the reading list broke. What should I do?

Please contact us for assistance at We may be able to help so that you don't have to recreate your reading list from scratch.

When I try to add an electronic book to my reading list, a screen pops up telling me that the print book cannot be placed on course reserves and asks me to choose from three options. What should I do?

This is a known bug and should be fixed in an upcoming system update. You should only see this issue when there is both print and electronic availability for a book (see example below). Please choose "None of the above" and the ebook will be added to your list.

I'd like to add another instructor or a librarian as a collaborator in my reading list - how do I do that?

From the main page of your reading list, click the Collaborators section on the right-hand side of the list. Click Manage collaborators. A screen will pop up where you can enter a name/email and send someone an invitation to collaborate. They must be affiliated with the Purdue - West Lafayette campus. If this does not work, please email There may be a bug in the system associated with the feature.

How long will my requests take to process once I hit Publish?

The library will take action on your list as soon as possible. Time taken will depend on the action required and the time of year. There may be processing delays in the first weeks of a new semester. eBooks and other digital material will be ordered as soon as possible, but not everything is available digitally.

Can I use one reading list for multiple courses? 

Yes, you can use the "duplicate list" option in your reading list. After choosing the "duplicate list" option (see below), the duplicated list will appear and you can associate the new list with a different course. The new course will have (#) beside the title, depending on how many times you have duplicated the list. Click "manage course association" (see below) and use the search box to search for the new course. You can use the next screen to add date ranges, and number of participants,. then click "Associate & Close." Done!