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Course Reserves - Library Reading Lists

Learn about the Library Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

Roll over reading list for a new semester

Add a Module to the New Course

Go into your new course in Brightspace and add the reading list module (check out section 1a for a refresher).

Roll Over List

When you click the PWL-Reading Lists link after adding the module, there should be an option to Roll Over.

Roll over option

A pop-up will ask you to select the course you want to roll over. This is where you will enter the old course name:

Search for course to roll over

Most likely, the format will be Semester YEAR DEPT COURSECODE-SECTION LOCATION Course Name

If you are looking for your spring anthology course it will read:

Spring 2021 ANTH 31200-001 LEC The Archeology of Ancient East and The Near East

The search works well so you could search any part of the course such as Spring, ANTH, archeology, or 312 and that course will show up in the list.

Once you locate the course list, select it and there will be a lot of sections to fill out. They have been pre-configured so you can leave them as they are set and click Roll Over

Confim setting and select roll over

The next pop-up will alert you that the reading list will be rolled over. Confirm that it’s the correct course and click OK.

Click OK to continue

Your old reading list will appear.

Next Steps

You can now edit the list and make any changes you would normally make to a reading list. Any changes you make will only alter the list you are currently working on.