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Course Reserves - Library Reading Lists

Learn about the Library Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

2f: Add items that the Libraries do not own

You can add a physical item that is not owned by the library and ask the library to purchase the item. This can be done by clicking Add Items + and then selecting Blank Form.

This option also allows you to add links to websites and other materials that aren’t held by the library (TED talks, links to podcasts, etc.).


For example: how to create an item for a print book that the Libraries does not own

  1. Fill out the information (the more information, the better!): Title, author, etc.
  2. Choose the item type (i.e. Book)
  3. Choose which section to add it to
  4. Click ADD

A small screen will pop-up:

If you click Yes, a purchase request will be placed for an ebook and the Purchase e-copy tag will be applied. The item will also have the status Being Prepared.

If you click No, the students will see the citation but will have to purchase their own copy. No tags will be applied.

Here's another example, this time of adding a website:

Since a link was provided while creating the item, the item appears on the reading list with a completed link.

Here's another example, this time for a video:

Once your reading list is ready and processed, your students will see the video citation you added. The note lets them know they'll need to rent it to view it.