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Course Reserves - Library Reading Lists

Learn about the Library Reading List tool, how it integrates with Brightspace, and how you can create your own.

Personal Copy Copyright Guidelines

In order for personal items to be placed on library course reserve, items must be original and legally acquired. Items that cannot be used as course reserves include:

  • Items labeled as Instructor’s Edition, Desk Copy, Examination Edition, Publisher’s Review Copy, or variations of those terms
  • Physical Interlibrary Loan items
  • Photocopies of materials, course packs, and workbooks

2i. Add a Personal Copy

Add a Personal Copy

To add a personal copy to your Library Reading List, you will follow the steps in Add items that the Libraries Do Not Own.

If you have already added your citation, you will locate it in the list and click the three dots

example of three dots on citation

Then click Edit item

edit item option

The Edit Item screen will open up. Check the box that says Personal copy

Personal copy check box

In the box that opens next to the personal copy check box, add the owner of the book that will be put on reserve. If that person’s name does not show up, you will need to add them as an instructor or collaborator to the readings list.

personal copy name field

Once you have successfully added the owner's name, there will be text below that says: Please bring your copy to the library. Once you are done editing the item, please click Save.

Please bring your copy to the library

Once you click Save, there will be an alert message on your screen that indicates your personal copy was successfully added. It says Please bring your copy to the library.

Next Steps

You can take your personal copy to your preferred library.