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*U.S. Government

Includes information on the branches of government, state and local government, census information and government documents.

Government Documents on Health & Human Services

Government agencies in the U.S. and other countries produce tremendous amounts of information on health and medical subjects.  This information documents the financial costs of diseases, ways of treating medical conditions, personal and governmental spending on medical care, the performance of government agency health programs, methods of funding health care programs, and tax-related health care matters..

American Indians

The U.S. Government has produced a large body of literature on American Indians chronicling multiple aspects of their history and culture.  These resources also document the impact of governmental policies on these populations.  . 

Criminal Justice

The U.S. Government is a major producer of criminal justice information, analysis, and statistics. Most federal criminal justice publications are produced by various divisions of the Justice Department. Other federal agencies, though, also produce publications useful to criminal justice students and scholars as well as the general public.

Foreign national government criminal justice agencies and relevant legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

International governmental organizations dealing with criminal justice policymaking.

Drug Policy

Illegal drugs such as cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, and others wreak damage on individuals, families, communities, and society at large. Government agencies conduct research and issue publications on all aspects of this problem. Purdue Libraries have many government documents on drug abuse and governmental drug policy. Most of these publications are in the HSSE library. 

Foreign national government policymaking agencies fighting drug abuse and trade.

International government organizations combating illegal drug use and trade.

Education Law & Policy

This section provides links to U.S. federal and state government resources on education policy at all levels. It also provides access to foreign and international government resources on this topic and links to separate non-governmental organization materials. 

Food Regulation & Safety

Purdue University Libraries have many U.S. Government documents on food regulations and safety as a federal depository library.  These are produced by the Depts. of Agriculture, Commerce, and Health & Human Services along with multiple congressional sources including congressional support agencies.

Foreign national government agencies and legislative/parliamentary agencies dealing with food regulation and policymaking in areas such as food safety.

International government organizations dealing with food safety policymaking.


Many U.S. Government agencies produce publications dealing with health and other medical subjects. These publications are available in multiple formats.  These resources also provide information on the delivery of health services, the quality of medical programs, and can affect areas such as taxation.

Foreign national government health agencies and legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

International government organizations dealing with health policymaking.


Housing affects our lives in many ways. We buy and sell homes, rent apartments, and invest in residential and commercial properties. Government agencies produce many publications on various aspects of housing. These publications can be found in various Purdue Libraries with the HSSE and Parrish libraries having the largest collections. 

Foreign national government housing policymaking agencies and relevant legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.


Immigration has been and remains an important and controversial issue in U.S. history and contemporary public policy. Purdue Libraries have numerous government documents on immigration with most of these being in the HSSE Library

Links to international government organizations consisting of various countries with some of these representing geographically specific groups of countries and countries which produce various commodities or services. The quality and reliability of information resources produced by these organizations varies and they should be used with extreme caution if produced by organizations whose members include many non-democratic countries.

Public Administration

Local, state, and national governments must manage a variety of activities including financial spending, highway construction, housing, information technology, social assistance, and taxation. These same governments also evaluate the performance of programs under their control. Numerous publications produced by government agencies on the management and evaluation of governmental programs are available in Purdue Libraries and on the Internet. 

Foreign national government agencies dealing with public administration and legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

International government organizations focusing on public administration subjects.


The U.S. Government is the world's largest publisher producing information on every topic from accounting to zoology. Purdue Libraries have been a depository for U.S. Government Documents since 1907 and Indiana State Documents since 1974. The Libraries also receive publications from some foreign governments and international government organizations in print and electronic formats. Most U.S. Government publications on sociological topics will be in the HSSE Library with many of these in the government documents collection on the first floor of the periodical stacks and others being in microfiche on the 2nd floor of HSSE's book stacks.