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*U.S. Government

Includes information on the branches of government, state and local government, census information and government documents.

State Government

State and territorial governments are given the freedom under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to carry out policies not specifically delegated to the federal government. Consequently, state government information resources contain detailed information about areas affecting our lives as varied as transportation, the environment, education, licensing of professions such a dietitians and home inspectors, taxes, and numerous areas of law. 

Below you'll find links to U.S. state and territorial government websites as well as links to websites produced by state government official associations and to information resources dealing with state governmental policymaking.

Local Government

Local government information resources provide information about local laws, policies, and regulations. They affect areas of our lives such as local income and property taxes used to pay for schools, law enforcement, parks, roads, buses, and many other areas including attracting and retaining businesses. 

These websites are produced by Indiana local governments including cities and counties and related resources produced by academic institutions and associations of Indiana municipal government officials.