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*U.S. Government

Includes information on the branches of government, state and local government, census information and government documents.


The U.S. Government and various state governments have had various levels of involvement seeking to regulate amateur and professional sports in the United States.  Subjects of such government laws, regulations, and policymaking can include the physical safety of animal and human participants, radio, television, and online broadcasting, gambling, economic aspects of sports team ownership, geographic location of teams, illicit substance use, sports health and medicine, taxation, and many other topics including the emerging topic of Names, Image, and Likenesses for college athletes.  This guide will strive to cover historic and contemporary government policymaking in these areas from multiple government information resources on the U.S. federal and state levels.

Various federal and state laws and regulations govern the regulation of professional and amateur sports.  These include:

Numerous federal agencies have historically and currently been involved in regulating various kinds of sports-related activities and providing information on these activities.  Examples include:

State laws, legislation, and regulations, along with various state government agencies, exercise jurisdiction over particular sports and recreation activities within these states.