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Includes information on the branches of government, state and local government, census information and government documents.

Government Documents on Transportation & Technology

Government information resources provide voluminous analytical and statistical documentation of transportation activity and policymaking.  They cover transportation modes as varied as automobiles, aviation, maritime shipping, railroads, road construction and maintenance,  transportation infrastructure funding, and the emerging area of unmanned transportation.   These resources document government transportation policymaking from local areas to state, national, foreign, and international government transportation policymaking.


The U.S. Government and governments of many countries haves sought to encourage development and innovation in the automobile industry for over a century. These governments have also had to influence the design of cars for environmental and public safety reasons. The companies producing these cars have become so important to the national economy that the U.S. Government has periodically had to financially intervene to save these companies from bankruptcy. Financially troubled auto industries in other countries have also periodically requested financial intervention for their financial survival. Emerging technological developments such as self-driving cars and attending controversies over technological innovations mean the U.S. and other national governments have an ongoing interest in developments affecting this industry and their impact on consumers and public safety.

Purdue Libraries have numerous resources examining governmental policies affecting the auto industry historically, contemporarily, and in the future. Tangible format versions of these are in the HSSE, PRSH, and WALC Libraries. Most of these resources are also available electronically.

Countries besides the United States, have developed and sustained automobile industries and have addressed challenges and opportunities comparable to the U.S.' experience. Examples of government agencies from these countries addressing automotive topics include:


Aviation affects our lives in a variety of ways whether we take a personal or business trips on a plane or receive mail or packages. It also plays an important role in areas such as the domestic and international economy, national security, and scientific research. Purdue Libraries have many government publications on aviation. Many of these are located in the AVTE Library, but others can be found in libraries such as WALCHSSE, and PRSH.


Energy affects our daily lives when we drive our car, turn appliances on and off, and receive bills from organizations providing us with energy services such as electricity and gasoline. Energy also plays an important role in Indiana's economy as well as in national and international economies. Purdue University Libraries are a selective depository for U.S. Government publications and contain many energy publications from government agencies. Government publications on energy can be found in the HSSE, Library of Engineering and Science, and Parrish Management & Economics libraries.

Select foreign government energy sources include:

Select international government energy sources include:

Forensic Science

Forensic science is used by government agencies for a variety of legal, investigative, and public policy purposes. These agencies are as diverse as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), other U.S. Dept. of Justice agencies, the Defense Department, and the U.S. Congress. Purdue Libraries serve as a depository of U.S. Government documents and Purdue's government documents collections are kept in many Purdue Libraries. Most government documents dealing with criminal justice are in the Humanities, Social Science, and Education (HSSE) Library

Foreign government law enforcement agencies dealing with forensic science matters include:

Select international government sources include:

Nuclear Energy

The U.S. Government has produced tremendous amounts of nuclear energy information for nearly seven decades. This information covers subjects as diverse as nuclear power plant safety and performance, nuclear engineering research, nuclear weapons construction and design, military strategy, weapons proliferation, remediation, and nuclear waste. Purdue University Libraries are a selective depository for U.S. Government documents and contain significant nuclear energy collections.

Foreign government agencies with nuclear energy policymaking responsibilities include:

Select international government websites.


Railroads have played an important historical role in U.S political and economic development plus such development in multiple countries. They continue playing a vital role in U.S.and other countries transportation and in contemporary economic activity. Governments play an important role in shaping the development of railroads and in regulating issues such as cargo and passenger train safety, the rates railroads can charge customers, and other legal and public policy issues. Purdue Libraries have numerous government documents dealing with railroads. These cover the historical development and evolution of railroads in the U.S. as well as contemporary legal, regulatory, and public policy issues. Government documents on railroads are located in the HSSE, WALC, PRSH Libraries, and in the Undergraduate Library's HIKS Repository.

Foreign government agencies and legislative/parliamentary committees dealing with railroad policymaking.



International government resources.

Science Policy

Governments play significant roles in funding scientific research and fostering scientific innovation and discovery. Purdue University Libraries have significant collections of government publications which explain and document the emergence and evolution of governmental science policy.

Foreign government agencies and legislative/parliamentary committees dealing with scientific and technology policymaking.

Select international government organizations.

Space Policy

The U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars on space exploration and research since the 1950's. Other foreign governments and international government organizations also invest enormous financial and personnel resources in space exploration and research. This exploration and research has produced a tremendous amount of documentation which can be studied and analyzed by users in print and electronic formats. Purdue Libraries have significant government resources dealing with space policy, research, and exploration. These resources are primarily in the LOES and HSSE Libraries though they can be found in other Purdue Libraries as well. 

Foreign government space policymaking agencies.

International government resources.


Transportation affects our lives when we drive a car, fly a plane, board a bus, or even cross the street. Government agencies produce a variety of publications dealing with various aspects of transportation such as railroads, airplanes, ships, and highways. Publications from government agencies dealing with transportation are primarily located in the HSSE and WALC libraries.

Foreign government transportation policymaking agencies and legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

Select international government websites.