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*U.S. Government

Includes information on the branches of government, state and local government, census information and government documents.

Government Documents on Business & Economics

This section provides access to government information resources on business and economics from multiple governmental agencies in the U.S. and internationally.  Such resources can include statistics on business and economic performance, analysis of business trends and developments, and governmental mandates for business and economic practice.

Banking & Financial Services

Banking affects our lives when we write a check, make deposits or withdrawals from various accounts, learn of interest rate increases and decreases, and apply for a loan or mortgage. Government agencies produce a variety of publications dealing with banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions. Publications from government agencies dealing with banking and financial services are primarily located in the Parrish and HSSE Libraries.

Links to international banking agencies.


Preparing annual budgets is a vitally important activity for local, state, national, and foreign governments and agencies within these governments. Once such budgets are approved into law they must be administered by various agencies and oversight provided by legislative or parliamentary organizations responsible for funding these budgets and individual budget items. Determining how to handle budget deficits or surpluses is an important part of this process, as is determining the effect of prevailing economic conditions on governmental budget and tax priorities. Purdue libraries have many publications on governmental budgeting.


Economics affects our lives in many ways when we purchase goods or services at a store or online, receive a paycheck, buy or sell stock, and pay taxes. Managing economic policy is a major responsibility of local, state, national, foreign, and international government organizations. Purdue University Libraries have many government publications dealing with economics. These publications are primarily located in the Parrish and HSSE Libraries.

Foreign national government economic policymaking agencies and relevant legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

International governmental organizations with economic policymaking responsibilities.

Electronic Commerce

The Internet has transformed the way individuals and companies conduct economic activity. It is now possible for individual firms to sell their products on the other side of the world and for individuals to purchase desired products and services from around the world via computer transactions. The economic, legal, and privacy implications of this have come to the attention of government agencies as well as they grapple with the economic, financial, personal, and other implications of these developments. These governments are producing numerous resources on electronic commerce or ecommerce as it is often called.

Numerous U.S. Government agencies produce publications on electronic commerce. Examples from the executive branch and independent agencies include the Small Business Administration, the Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, and other agencies.

Congressional committees are also good sources of electronic commerce information since they consider legislation affecting ecommerce. 

Purdue Libraries have numerous government publications on ecommerce located in the PRSH and HSSE Libraries. 

Foreign national government agencies regulating electronic commerce.

International government organizations concerned with electronic commerce matters.


Many governmental entities have turned to legalized gambling as a revenue source preferable to tax increases on residents of a particular area. Gambling revenues are used to finance continually growing demand for government services. Choosing to legalize gambling also has a variety of personal and societal costs. Government agencies charged with enforcing laws and regulations on gambling activities within their areas of jurisdiction issue numerous publications and statistics. Purdue Libraries have a number of these materials with most being in the HSSE or PRSH Libraries.

Links to international government agencies or associations involved in gambling policymaking.

International Trade

International trade affects our lives every day when we buy goods and services imported from other countries or when goods and services produced by companies in our community are exported to other countries. Trends and developments in international trade affect the prices we pay for various goods and services as well as local, state, national, foreign, and international economic conditions. Governments publish tremendous amounts of statistics and analysis on international trade and many government agencies produce international trade information.

Many of these government publications can be found in Purdue Libraries with the HSSE and PRSH libraries having most of these.

Foreign government international trade policymaking agencies and relevant legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

International governmental organizations focusing on international trade.

Maritime Shipping

Purdue Libraries provide access to many government information resources on maritime shipping. This guide will cover civilian and military aspects on maritime shipping including domestic and international trade, laws, legislation, and regulations. It will also cover the policymaking process affecting this industry in the U.S., individual states such as Indiana, foreign national governments, and international government organizations.

Foreign national government maritime shipping policymaking agencies and relevant legislative/parliamentary oversight committees.

Links to international government organizations with various maritime shipping responsibilities.


Taxes are an essential but unwelcome feature of life. We need to pay taxes in order to pay for essential government services like national defense, roads, and education. However, we hate paying taxes to support government programs we don't like and detest the complicated bureaucracy and procedures we have for paying income taxes in the U.S. and most states. Purdue University Libraries have many government documents on taxes. Most of these are located in the HSSE and PRSH libraries.