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Education: EDCI 62800

This is a guide for doing research in education.

Libraries' Web Page

The Libraries Home Page is your link to all the resources the Libraries purchase:  databases, books, e-books, e-journals, etc.; along with Libraries' services such as Interlibrary Loan, Ask a Librarian, etc.

This Two Minute Tip demonstrates searching using the Libraries Web page and search engine.  The goal of the “Search All” link is to be a quick, one-stop search of all the libraries holdings.  Click on this link for a 3 1/2 minute overview…

Tricks of the Trade

Would you like to know 4 quick tricks that work in most databases for key word searching? Find out how by viewing and listening to this 10 minute tutorial, which covers:

  1. phrase searching
  2. truncation (word stem searching)
  3. Boolean logic (combining key words with AND and OR)
  4. Nesting (grouping ideas)

Endnote Basic Library Guide

2017 Letter to New Grads

To:          COE Graduate Students

FROM:  Judy Nixon, Education Librarian

DATE:  August, 2019

RE:  Things I would like tell you today:

(Click on the links below for more information about each topic.)

1.       Your first stop is a Library Guide for Graduate Students.  


  • This guide includes a list of upcoming workshops for grad students.Look under the tab “CALENDAR.”

  • The calendar will be updated soon with some virtual workshops this fall semester.  


 2.        Judy Nixon is your librarian. 


  • Need help identifying the right database or the right key words? 
  • Would you like the library to buy a book? 
  • Ask me.



3.       Education books are at the Humanities, Social Science & Education Library, called HSSE, in Stewart Center.  The E in HSSE stands for Education. Link to a map of HSSE .


4.      Purdue Libraries home page is   Use this path to get to library-paid for materials. 



a.       To see if we own a book in print or electronic format, click on the arrow next to "Search All" and change to “Books & Media."


b.       Most of our journals are in electronic format.   To find a specific journal click on “Online Journals” link.


c.       The most important databases in education are Education Source and ERIC.  Click on the “Databases” link.

Here are direct links

·       for Education Source:

·       for ERIC:                 


5.       Watch your email for quick tutorials I write, called “Two Minute Tips”, available at   


6.       Need quick help?  Use our “Ask a Librarian” service to chat or email a librarian.  Go to  or look for this link:  




7.   Need to renew a book, or ask Interlibrary Loan to get a book or article that Purdue doesn’t own, click on the “SERVICE” tab.   



8.   EndNote Basic helps you to organize your research material, including journal articles, into your own online database.  Want to learn how to use EndNote Basic  and sign up for an account; go to . 

EndNote Basic helps you to organize your research material, including journal articles, into your own online mini database. It is FREE and is a companion to the desktop EndNote.  EndNote Basic Features:


  • import or capture references from online sources 
  • organize references in subject folders 
  • link to fulltext articles and attach PDFs 
  • share  with team members and collaborators
  • create formatted bibliographies
  • use Cite While You Write with MS Word



9.   Need help finding education related resources? 



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