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ENGT Capstone Research Guide: 1.1 Statement of Problem

Prof. Berry, Prof. Condron, Prof. Phillips

Stakeholder Interviews

Background & Initial Technical Research - Books & Articles

Explore the context of the problem you are trying to solve. Some questions to guide you:

  • What information is out there generally related to the topic of your problem? 
  • How have others already solved or approached this problem, or similar problems?
  • What research has been conducted about this problem, or similar problems?
  • Are there other factors (e.g., organizational, local, global, environmental, social, political, cultural) that should be considered when thinking about this problem? 

Select Databases for Getting Started with Your Research:

Try More Databases 

Business Research

Conducting Market Research
Market research involves finding and analyzing competitor information, demographics, and industry information. It is a combination of examining the existing products available to consumer and needs, expressed or unexpressed of the consumers themselves.

The databases and links available here will lead you to relevant, quality information. Further assistance is available by visiting the Help Desk of the Parrish Management Management & Economics Library ot scheduling an appointment with a Purdue Libraries Business Information Specliast.

Engineering Information Specialist

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Engineering & Technology Information Specialist

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