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ENGT Capstone Research Guide

Highlighted resources for ENGT 480 & 481 students

Citation IEEE Style

IEEE citation for frequently used resource types

(based on 2023 IEEE Citation Reference Guide):

Periodical (e.g.,journal article) with DOI

Basic Format:
J. K. Author, “Name of paper,” Abbrev. Title of Periodical, vol. x, no. x, pp. xxx–xxx, Abbrev. month, year, doi: xxx.
M. M. Chiampi and L. L. Zilberti, “Induction of electric field in human bodies moving near MRI: An efficient BEM computational procedure,” IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., vol. 58, no. 10, pp. 2787–2793, Oct. 2011, doi: 10.1109/TBME.2011.2158315.

Conference Proceeding with DOI

Basic Format:
J. K. Author, “Title of paper,” in Abbreviated Name of Conf., (location of conference is optional), year, pp. xxx–xxx, doi: xxx
J. Zhao, G. Sun, G. H. Loh, and Y. Xie, “Energy-efficient GPU design with reconfigurable in-package graphics II. Style—7 memory,” in Proc. ACM/IEEE Int. Symp. Low Power Electron. Design (ISLPED), Jul. 2012, pp. 403–408, doi: 10.1145/2333660.2333752.


Basic Format:
J. K. Author, Title of Published Book, xth ed. City of Publisher, (only U.S. State), Country: Abbrev. of Publisher, year.
B. Klaus and P. Horn, Robot Vision. Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press, 1986.

Online Video (e.g., YouTube)

Basic Format:
Video Owner/Creator, Location (if available). Title of Video: In Initial Caps. (Release date). Accessed: Month Day, Year. [Online Video]. Available:
Doane Academy, Burlington, NJ, USA. Second Grade Bossy R. (Feb. 28, 2013). Accessed: Jun. 3, 2018. [Online Video]. Available:

Personal Communication

Basic Format:
J.K. Author, Organization (if applicable), private communication, Abrrev. Month, year.

F. Berry, Purdue University, personal communication, Sept. 2019.


Basic Format:
First Name Initial(s) Last Name. “Page Title.” Website Title. Web Address (retrieved Date Accessed).
J. Smith. “Obama inaugurated as President.” (accessed Feb. 1, 2009).

For websites without formal titles, use descriptive phrases in your citation in place of page or website titles.


Cite images according to the format for the type of source where you find the image (e.g., website, journal, book)

Citing AI-generated Content

According to the Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Generated Text (based on IEEE Author Center Submission Guidelines), 
The use of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) (including but not limited to text, figures, images, and code) shall be disclosed in an acknowledgments section. The AI system used shall be identified, and specific sections of the document that use AI-generated content shall be identified and accompanied by a brief explanation regarding the level at which the AI system was used to generate the content. The use of AI systems for editing and grammar enhancement should be disclosed as noted above.

IEEE has not published an official guideline on citing AI-generated content yet. The IEEE Author Center recommends consulting the Chicago Manual of Style for guidance for any usage not included in the IEEE Editorial Style Manual. The Chicago Manual of Style has recommendations on how to cite AI-generated content


Citation Management Tools

The information in this box is courtesy of Prof. Michael Fosmire.

The following citation management tools enable you to create a customized library of papers for your team.  The tools typically will help you with citation formattting and Mendeley allows you to share your highlights and annotations on documents. 

Intellectual Property