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ENE 62000: Design Cognition and Learning

This guide includes helpful information and resources for students taking ENE 620.

Course Readings Guide

The titles in the middle column are hot links and will:

  • take you directly to the article, book, or chapter
  • take you to an abstract of the article with a link to "DOWNLOAD PDF" or "GET PDF"
  • take you to "Get it at Purdue" site where you log in with your Purdue ID and password.

Because of Purdue University Libraries' subscriptions you may read, print and download for future use all of these articles for your personal research. Do not give them to others.

When accessing from on and off campus you will be asked for your user ID and password; this is your Purdue University user ID, the one you use to access Purdue e-mail.

You should be able to access these links. If not, please send me email including the title to


No textbook required.