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Data Storage at Purdue: Cloud Storage Options

This guide details the variety of data storage options available to faculty and graduate students at Purdue University..

Brief Introduction/Download

  Dropbox Basic Amazon Drive iCloud Google Drive Box
Platform Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud Storage 
Primary Use Enterprise & individual file storage system Personal file storage system Personal file storage system Personal & enterprise file storage system Enterprise file storage system 
Who Owns the Data You You retain ownership but Amazon reserve the right to copy, modify, & use information about the files to organize them, & access files to provide technical support "Except for material we may license to you, Apple does not claim ownership of the materials and/or Content you submit or make available on the Service. However, by submitting or posting such Content on areas of the Service that are accessible by the public or other users with whom you consent to share such Content, you grant Apple a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and publicly display such Content on the Service solely for the purpose for which such Content was submitted or made available, without any compensation or obligation to you." You Purdue retains ownership of the HIPAA/FERPA data and things stored in controlled folders. You retain ownership of data in non-controlled folders as part of the contract between  Purdue University and
Commercial Entity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Design Target (its goals) General public, business accounts For personal use; not for professional or enterprise use For personal use with Apple products  For personal use, enterprise use For personal use, enterprise use.
Price Free for basic; can upgrade for enhanced features

Free for basic; upgrade for $11.99 per year

Free for 5 GB of storage Free for basic 15 GB per month Purdue subscription for research data as part of Purdue affiliation. Individual subscription is $5.00/month.
Available Storage 2 GB Base of 5 GB free, upgrade to 100 GB for $11.99 per year 5 GB of storage free; upgrade for $.99 per 50 GB per month; 200 GB for $2.99 per month; 2 TB for $9.99 per month 100 GB for $1.99 per month; 1 TB for $9.99 per month; tiered pricing up to 30 TB for $299.99/MO 100 GB for $5.00/ month. 
Privacy Do NOT use for sensitive data Amazon respects your privacy & your files are subject to the Privacy Notice located at Privacy notice at

Privacy notice at 

Purdue has full access to all data in Purdue account. 

Accessible from HPC Systems Not available for HPC systems. Can transfer files from computers using Dropbox applications, but no transfers to servers without downloading to a computer first No No No No