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Data Storage at Purdue

This guide details the variety of data storage options available to faculty and graduate students at Purdue University..


The Fortress system is a large, long-term, multi-tiered file caching and storage system utilizing both online disk and robotic tape drives. Find out more at

Fortress Facets

Platform Tape
Primary Use Data archive for long term storage; Individually oriented; Group sites created upon request.
Who Owns the Data You/Purdue; Purdue/Research group lead faculty for group space.
Commercial Entity No
Design Target (its goals) Optimized for high-performance, long-term data storage.
Price Free with purchase of Data Depot or Community Clusters.
Available storage No upper limit; Total storage capacity; 10 PB.
Accessible from HPC systems Uses Globus or HSI/HTAR to transfer data. 
Back-ups Data is written to multiple tapes simultaneously. No protection against accidental deletion.
Data retention Data is not purged.
Shared account/support for collaboration Set up to allow research lab wide access. Files/directories can be shared with collaborators.
Permissions Community Cluster users have access. Group access can be set based on Project Team’s preferences.
Access after you leave Purdue Lose access, but data is retained as long as a Purdue affiliated person is the project manager.
Data management plan None.
Publication of datasets No.
Assigns DOIs No.
Preserve datasets Data is never deleted, migrated to new tape technology.
Trusted repository No
Metadata No
Dataset preview and edit from the platform No
Data security Secured through Purdue authentication.
Treatment of sensitive data Not allowed.