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Data Storage at Purdue

This guide details the variety of data storage options available to faculty and graduate students at Purdue University..

Brief Introduction/Download

  Box PURR OneDrive/Office 365 Data Depot Fortress
Price Free to Purdue affiliated researchers 10 GB free for 3 years; 100 GB for 10 years with grant; Extra project space is $1.08 per GB Available to students with tuition 100 GB free trial option; Purchase in TB increments, currently $ 75 per TB per year Free with purchase of Data Depot or Community Clusters
Available Storage 1000 GB    1 TB No upper limit; Total storage capacity: 2.25 PB No upper limit; Total storage capacity; 10 PB
Primary Use Secure storage for HRPP/IRB approved data, including identifiable personal information such as HIPAA data. Needs to be set up with special settings by ITAP prior to data upload if data is sensitive. Not for export control data.  Project work space; Data publication; Group oriented Storage; Individually oriented Storage and services, including data transfer, file structure, and tools ; Group oriented Data archive for long term storage; Individually oriented; Group sites created upon request
Back-ups Perpetual backups.  Backed up nightly. 30 daily images, 12 weekly images, and 12 monthly images are kept. Data is stored on the cloud. Details are unclear.  Replicated across campus. Nightly snapshots to protect against accidental deletion.  Data is written to multiple tapes simultaneously. No protection against accidental deletion
Access after you leave Purdue

Faculty and staff retain some access because Purdue owns HIPAA/FERPA controlled access data. Students in regular accounts lose access unless they have moved their data into a personal Box account. 

Still accessible as long as a Project manager is Purdue affiliated person  Lose access Lose access, but data is retained as long as a Purdue affiliated person is the project manager Lose access, but data is retained as long as a Purdue affiliated person is the project manager 
Accessible from HPC systems No

Uses Globus to transfer data to HPC systems.

No Depot is mounted directly on HPC clusters using GPFS.   Data to and from Depot can use Globus for transfer. Personal and lab computers on campus can also transfer files with SCP/SFTP, CIFS, NFS from anywhere. Uses Globus or HSI/HTAR to transfer data.


Full guide to storage options at Purdue in printable form