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Data Storage at Purdue

This guide details the variety of data storage options available to faculty and graduate students at Purdue University..


The Purdue University Research Repository is a research collaboration and data management solution for Purdue researchers and their collaborators. PURR allows you to collaborate on research and publish datasets online. Find out more at

PURR Facets

Platform Web/Hubzero
Primary Use Project work space; Data publication; Data curation; Group oriented.
Who Owns the Data You/Purdue.
Commercial Entity No
Design Target (its goals) Optimized for collaboration, publication and preservation of mid-sized datasets.
Price 10 GB free for 3 years; 100 GB for 10 years with grant; Extra project space is $1.08 per GB.
Available storage  
Privacy Non-HIPAA sensitive data.
Accessible from HPC systems Uses Globus to transfer data to HPC systems.
Back-ups Backed up nightly. 30 daily images,12 weekly images, and 12 monthly images are kept.
Data retention 10 years or longer for published datasets. Long term retention for datasets added to Purdue University Libraries collections. 
Shared account/support for collaboration Both Purdue and non-affiliated collaborators can be added. 
Permissions Permissions can be assigned to team members by Project Manager. Team members do not have to be affiliated with Purdue. Project Manager does.
Access after you leave Purdue Still accessible as long as a Purdue affiliated person is the project manager.
Data management plan Support with how-to, boilerplate text, examples, consultations, DMP tool.
Publication of datasets Yes
Assigns DOIs Yes
Preserve datasets
Trusted repository NISO standard, coming up to audit for accreditation.
Metadata Required fields when datasets are published. 
Dataset preview and edit from the platform Thumbnail viewer, genome browser, other viewers in development. 
Data security Secured through Purdue authentication. Campus firewall. 
Treatment of sensitive data FERPA data allowed. HIPAA data not allowed.