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POL 428 Politics of Regulation: Regulatory

POL 428 Politics of Regulation


Regulatory Reference Sources
Several publications make up the U.S. Government's regulatory information resources including:

EPA Decisions and Orders (Issued by EPA Administrative Law Judges from 1989-present)
Federal Register Publication System: What It Is and How to Use It
Code of Federal Regulations HSSE REF 353.995 C64 Broken into 50 titles or subject areas e.g. 40 CFR 53, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is published annually on a rotating basis throughout the year and contains the cumulation of all federal regulations. These regulations include text, graphs, charts, and chemical formulas and will also feature citations to the laws giving agencies the authority to issue such regulations. The E-CFR provides daily (M-F) updating of CFR regulations from the the Federal Register and is NOT an official legal CFR edition.
Federal Register HSSE REF 353.005 and HSSE Microform. Published Monday-Friday each week, the Federal Register lists notices of agency meetings, presidential executive orders and proclamations, the text of published agency regulations, and the text of proposed agency agency regulations. Entries for proposed regulations invite public comment on these regulations and provide contact information on the responsible official(s) at these agencies. Use to make and view comments on these proposed regulations.

How to Submit Comments to
List of Sections Affected HSSE REF 353.005 C64 LSA Monthly publication updating changes in the CFR since the most recent annual CFR revision. Features references to Federal Register page numbers.
Unified Agenda Published twice a year in the Federal Register, this lists regulatory actions agencies anticipate engaging in over the next six months. July 7, 2011 is the most recent edition. A collaborative website between the General Services Administration and the Office of Management and Budget containing information on the federal regulatory process. See the Reg Map for a chart with an overview of the federal regulatory process.

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