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POL 428 Politics of Regulation: Reference

POL 428 Politics of Regulation


Reference Sources

Associations Unlimited (Directory of U.S. and international interest groups.)
Environmental Law Reporter (Important environmental law news source.)

Introduction to Legal Citation (Courtesy-Cornell University Law School)
United States Government Manual HSSE REF Desk 353 Un35 (Annual resource providing information on the responsibilities of individual federal agencies, their organizational charts, and citations to the laws giving them the authority to issue the regulations they make to enforce laws.)
Federal Regulatory Directory HSSE REF Desk 353.00025 F316 13th 2008
This commercially published book provides more detailed analysis of the regulatory programs carried out by federal agencies.

Federal Administrative Law:  A Brief Overview

The Federal Rulemaking Process:  An Overview (2011 Congressional Research Service Report)

Ten Thousand Commandments:  An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State is a 2014 report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (non-governmental)

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