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POL 428 Politics of Regulation: U.S. Government

POL 428 Politics of Regulation

U.S. Government

Additional federal regulatory process information provides include:

National Archives and Records Administration Office of the Federal Register
Office responsible for producing the CFR, Federal Register, and other important federal legal and regulatory publications.
Government Accountability Office This congresional support office publishes numerous reports documenting the management performance of federal agency programs.
Office of Management and Budget Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA)This office is responsible for approving regulations drafted by agencies to ensure they comply with existing law and presidential administration policy.

Mine Safety & Health Administration resources on West Virginia Big Branch coal mine explosion.

Keystone XL Pipeline Project documents from the State Dept.

House Energy & Commerce Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.C 73/8 (Responsible for overseeing and funding the Environmental Protection Agency)
House Natural Resources Committee HSSE DOC Y 4.R 31/3  (Responsible for overseeing Interior Dept. programs and oceanographic programs)
Senate Environment & Public Works  Committee 
HSSE DOC Y 4.P 96/10 (Responsible for overseeing and funding the Environmental Protection Agency)

Congressional Research Service (Library of Congress 2018-present)

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