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POL 428 Politics of Regulation: Legal

POL 428 Politics of Regulation


Legal Reference Sources
Slip Laws HSSE DOC REF AE 2.110 Contains the text of public laws after they are passed by Congress and signed by the President. e.g. P.L. 111-4 DTV Delay Act.
U.S. Statutes at Large HSSE REF 345 Un3 Permanent collection of public and private laws passed by individual two year congressional sessions.  HERE (1951-2002).
United States Code HSSE REF 345 Un3co Compilation of all U.S. laws codified into 50 different title or subject areas. e.g. 8 USC 1224. Features a subject index, information on coverting laws from Statute at Large citations, converting presidential executive orders to U.S. Code citations, information on where to find agency reorganization plans, and a Popular Law Name index and cross-reference.

Use Federal Digital System (FDSYS) for one-stop access to the U.S. Government's legal, legislative, and regulatory information resources.

Use Nexis Uni to look up federal and state court case opinions, federal and state statutes, and law review articles.

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