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Resources for students in English studies.


Welcome to the Purdue LibGuide for English! Here you will find databases and resources on the wide variety of subjects taught by the Purdue English Department. These resources are sorted into the following general categories:

  • Medieval & Early Modern
  • Transatlantic & Early Atlantic
  • 20th & 21st Century
  • Gender, Ethnicity, & Culture
  • Drama
  • Language

There is also a listing of general-use databases here on this page (just to the right of the tab you're reading now), which can point you to databases that are useful in most or all of the above areas. If you are exclusively looking for primary sources, you will see that has its own category in the menu on the left, where we have collected relevant databases that focus on primary sources. (Note also that humanity's rich and varied cultural experience resists being divided into cleanly-delineated categories, so there is some overlap between our different sections.)

Each category contains a listing of resources relevant to that particular subject, including databases available through the Purdue Libraries and archival materials held by Archives & Special Collections. You can explore these resources to augment your research, brainstorm new research topics, or just out of curiosity.