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Student Activism, Diversity and Inclusion Archival Collections at Purdue

Student Activism, Diversity and Inclusion Archival Collections at Purdue

How to Find Collections Materials

Photo of a sample search results from the Archives and Special Collections search tool.

Helpful hints for searching our collections database:

All collections have records that are searchable in our Collections Database

NOTE: Other collections and items may be useful to your research, so it is advised to search across the entire database for your topic.

How to Find Books and Serials

Photo of sample search strategy in the Purdue Libraries catalog.

Helpful hints for searching in the Purdue Library Catalog

After doing a search, you can refine your results to include materials in Archives and Special Collections: on the left side of the screen, under the "Library" category, click "Archives and Special Collections".

It is always best to contact us via email if you are having trouble locating books and serials on a specific subject. The Archives staff are available to help you in your search.

Finding Digital and Digitized Materials

Photo of a sample search results from the eArchives database.

Archives and Special Collections' e-Archives contains born-digital and digitized representations of many physical items from the archival collections. Full-text search is available for many useful documents of Purdue history, such as the Board of Trustee minutes and the Debris yearbook.

Search tip:
Note that e-Archives contains full-text of historical documents, and researchers should keep in mind the way language has evolved; thus searches for "girls" will likely yield more results than "women students." Terms considered offensive or outdated today, such as "negro" or "oriental" will often yield more results when searching in historical documents than terms we more commonly use today. For best results, try searching under both current and outdated terms.

Publications Index

Image of Publications Index search and browse screen.

The Publications Index database is derived from a card index which consists of thirty drawers of handwritten and typed cards of citations from ten Purdue University related publications. It was compiled over the years by various University Library employees. This is a handy resource for looking up prominent names and locating biographical sketches and images in Purdue history as well as pertinent topics.