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HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War: U.S. Government

HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War

U.S. Government

U.S. Government Documents
The U.S. Government is the world's largest publisher and U.S. relations with European institutions and countries are documented in a wide variety of publications. The Catalog of Government Publications provides acces to publications distributed to federal depository libraries like Purdue from 1976 to present with many recent publications being online. Use Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications HSSE Periodicals 016.353 Un36 to search for older U.S. Government publications. Print and microform versions of most U.S. Government documents are classified with the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) classification system in which documents are arranged alphabetically by the agency producing them e.g. Defense Dept. D; State Department S; and congressional committee hearings Y 4. Visit HERE for a U.S. Government Publishing Office explanation of the SuDoc system.

Besides the Digital U.S. Congressional Serial Set mentioned earlier, additional useful indexes for locating U.S. Government publications include:

CIS Index HSSE REF & Periodicals 328.73005 C76 (Indexes U.S. Congressional Committee hearings from 1970-present.)
CIS Index to Congressional Committee Hearings 1833-1969 HSSE REF 348.731 C76
CIS Index to U.S. Executive Branch Documents 1789-1909 and 1910-1932 HSSE REF 351.73 C497 (Covers material not included in the Congressional Serial Set. (See online link below).

Major U.S. Government documentary collections include:

Congressional Record. (Accessible through the ProQuest Congressional Serial Set and by paper in HSSE Repository). Provides the text of speeches and recorded votes by members of Congress. Some earlier content also accessible through the Library of Congress' American Memory Project's Century of Lawmaking.

Foreign Relations of the United States HSSE Periodicals 327.73 Un32 and also online through this University of Wisconsin Libraries website. (Official documentary record of U.S. foreign policy since 1860. Documents arranged by presidential administration and geographically. Volumes issues just over 30 years after events occurred.)

House Appropriations Committee HSSE Microfiche (2nd floor) Y 4.AP 6/1 HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.
House Foreign Affairs or International Relations Committee HSSE DOC & Attic Y 4.F 76/1 and Y 4.IN 8/16 HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.
Senate Appropriations Committee HSSE Microfiche (2nd floor) Y 4.AP 6/2 HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.
Senate Foreign Affairs Committee HSSE DOC &  Y 4.F 76/2 HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.
Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe HSSE DOC Y 4.SE 2  HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.

(Congressional committee hearings from 1991-present are on the 1st floor of the HSSE periodical stacks and earlier years can be requested from storage if they are not online in the Hathitrust Catalog.. These hearings are excellent information resources for chronicling political debates and controversies and oberserving the congressional legislative oversight and funding process for U.S. Government agency programs. Appropriations Committee hearings will feature detailed project expenditure data.

Central Intelligence Agency Freedom of Information Act Reading Room (Features the text of declassified CIA National Intelligence Estimates and other reports.)
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books (Features the text of declassified U.S. foreign and national security documents compiled by this George Washington University organization.)
Foreign Broadcast Information Service HSSE MF PREX 7.10
(Contains translation of media broadcast reports from countries around the world. Approximate coverage late 1970s-early 1990s. Paper indexes for Eastern Europe & former Soviet Union in HSSE Repository.)
U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute
U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Office

Army Military History Institute HSSE DOC D 114
Air Force Historical Research Agency
Air Force Historical Studies Office (Air Force historical publications can be found in the D 300s section of HSSE documents.)
Marine Corps History & Museums Division (Marine Corps history publications can be found in the D 214 area of HSSE documents.)
Naval History & Heritage Command (Other Navy history publications can be found in the D 200s section of HSSE documents.)
National Archives State Department Records 1973-1979

U.S. Declassified Documents Online (Purdue Users Only!)

For a reference guide to national security policy research see Bert Chapman, Researching National Security and Intelligence Policy HSSE REF 025.06355033573 C366r 2004. Additional guides for conducting government document research on various subjects can be found HERE and cover topics such as agriculture, banking and finance, foreign policy, intelligence, military history, national security policy, transportation, and many more.