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HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War: International Government Organizations

HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War

International Government Organizations

International Government Organization Resources
United Nations General Assembly Official Records 
United Nations Security Council Official Records HSSE Repository 341.6306 Un26o
(Note: Purdue's holdings for these titles cover roughly 1946-early 1990s. More recent General Assembly and Security Council records are online.
European Union
European Union Institute for Security Studies
G7 Summit Information Centre (Courtesy-University of Toronto)
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
International Monetary Fund
League of Nations Statistical and Disarmament Documents (Courtesy-Northwestern University Library.)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Archives
Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development
Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe
United Nations Mission Kosovo

Useful reference guides for international government organization research include:

International Information: Documents, Publications, and Electronic Information of International Government Organizations. Peter I. Hajnal, ed. HSSE REF 021.64 In8 1997
Chad M. Kahl. International Relations, INternational Security, and Comparative Politics: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources. HSSE 016.3203 K12li 2008
Andrea Morrison & Barbara Mann. International Government Information and Country Information: A Subject Guide. HSSE REF 025.04 M834i 2004

Visit HERE for links to international government organization websites.