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HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War: Foreign Governments

HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War

Foreign Government

Foreign National Government Resources
Many foreign national government have extensive collections of historic and current government information on agency websites. REMEMBER these countries do not tend to be as liberal in freely placing these information resources on the web as the U.S. Government does, but the determined researcher can still find much useful information. Visit HERE for a gateway to European and other foreign national government agency websites.


Austrian State Archives

KunstHistoriches (Art History) Museum

Schonbrunn Palace

Documents Diplomatiques Francaise HSSE Periodicals 327.44 D6598 and HSSE Microfiche 327.44 F844do (French foreign relations documentary collection.-1871-1914 full text)
Archives de France

Army Museum
Bibliotheque Nationale
Defense Ministry
Maritime Museum

National Air & Space Museum

Foreign Ministry

Die Grosse Politik der Europ�ischen Kabinette 1871-1914 (Limited full text)  HIKS  Repository 327.43 G31g (German foreign relations documentary collection.)
Documents on German Foreign Policy 1918-1945 (HSSE 327.43 G31ae (Produced by U.S. State Department.)
Akten zur Ausw�rtigen Politik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1949-1978 HSSE 327.4300904505 Ak79 (German foreign relations documentary collection).
Verhandlungen des Deutsches Bundestag. Stenographische Berichte 1990-1996 HIKS REPO 320.0943 G317 (Debate transcripts of German Parliament's Lower House.)
Defense Ministry
Federal Intelligence Service-Bundesnachrichtendienst
Foreign Ministry

German History Museum
National Archives


Hungarian National Museum


National Archives of Ireland

National Gallery of Ireland

National Library of Ireland

National Museums of Ireland (includes archaeology, country life, decorative arts, & natural history museums)

Trinity College Dublin Library (includes many unique historical collections including the Book of Kells in the Old Library)


Galata Museum of the Sea
I Documenti Diplomatici Italiani I (1861-1953) HSSE 327.45 It1d (Italian foreign policy documentary record.)
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Archives


National Archives

National Maritime Museum

Russia (Use Russian resources with extreme caution!)

National Library of Russia

State Archives of the Russian Federation

State Hermitage Museum

State Historical Museum


Cortes Parliament

Defense Ministry

Foreign Ministry

 General Administrative Archives

 General Archives of the Indies

Maritime Museum (Barcelona)

Naval Museum (Madrid)


National Archives

National Library of Sweden

National Museum

Swedish Monarchy

United Kingdom

British and Foreign State Papers (Selected-Courtesy:  Bodleian Library)

Government Publications Monthly List HSSE PERI and HSSE Repository 016.3542 G79g
Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939 HSSE 327.42G79d
British Documents on Foreign Affairs: Reports and Papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print Part II From the First to the Second World War: League of Nations, 1918-1941 HSSE 341.22 B777 1992
British Documents on Foreign Affairs...Turkey, Iran, and the Middle East, 1918-1939 HSSE 327.41056 B777 1985
British Library
Cabinet Office (Responsible for supporting the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and civil service. Features much recent material on intelligence such as a report on the July 7, 2005 London terrorist attacks.)
Parliament (Includes full text of Hansard Parliamentary Debates 1803-present and committee publications 1997-present.)

Historical Parliamentary Materials (Some of this not accessible to non-UK users.)
Foreign Office Files for the Middle East 1971-1981 (Source:  UK National Archives-Purdue Users Only)
Ministry of Defence
Defence Academy Publications
National Archives
National Archives Cabinet Papers (1915-1988)
National Archives Foreign & Commonwealth Office Records

National Army Museum

National Maritime Museum

National Museum of the Royal Navy
Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6)

State Papers Online: Early Modern Government in Britain & Europe (British Govt. State Papers 1509-1782)(Purdue Users Only)
Royal Air Force Centre for Airpower Studies
Naval Review (Royal Navy professional journal-Free from 1913-2005).
UK Treaties Online

UK Legislation (1267-present-Text of British laws))