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HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War: Encyclopedias and Handbooks

HIST 602G Research Seminar: European Politics & War

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, and Maps

Encylopedias, Handbooks, and Maps
Encyclopedia of Ireland HSSE REF 941.5003 En19 2003
Modern Germany: An Encyclopedia of People, History, & Culture 1871-1990 2 vols.
HSSE REF 943.08 M719 1998

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 60 vols. HSSE REF 920.042 D56 2004
(British national biographical compilation.)
Oxford Companion to Military History HSSE REF 355.003 Ox 3 2001
Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History 6 vols. HSSE REF K50.O94 2009
Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History HSSE REF JV6035.P35 2009

Historical Maps of Europe (Courtesy:  Perry Castaneda Library-University of Texas-Austin) You can also use the link at the bottom of this page saying "European Historical Maps on Other Web Sites."

EurAtlas (Subscription required for large maps)