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Aeronautics and Astronautics Resource Guide: FAQs

A detailed listing of library resources for Aeronautics and Astronautics

Library of Engineering & Science

Search Strategy Formulation

Boolean operators, positional operators, and wildcards may vary by database.  Check database help for more information.  Also Include phrases and nested logic ( ) when planning your search.

      Concept 1_____________ OR ______________ OR ________________


      Concept 2 ______________ OR ______________ OR _______________


      Concept 3______________ OR ______________ OR ________________

Your final search may look like this:

      (spacecraft or spaceflight or "space flight"  or space) AND (optimiz* or optimal* or optimis*) AND trajector*

Cited Reference Search Planning

You may want to find newer journal articles that cite an earlier citation.  Web of Science is a good database in which to do a Cited Reference Search.  Scopus and Google Scholar are other possibilities


 Author: _____________________________________________________

 University or Company: ________________________________________


Citation Management

Question:  What citation managers does Purdue University Libraries support?

Answer:  Yes, the libraries support major managers, including EndNote Desktop, EndNote Web, and  Zotera.  Links to the Libraries resources for EndNote and Zotera prepared by Purdue Librarians are listed.  I am also enclosing a link for the free Mendelay citation manager since many of you may use it.  The guide for Mendelay was done by Syracuse University Librarians.

Endnote and BibTeX


What information is available about BibTeX which works with LaTeX?  Can EndNote and BibTeX which is used with LaTeX interact?  Is it possible to move records from EndNote to BibTeX and from BibTeX to EndNote?

EndNote software is often used to keep track of references for publications, including journal articles, conference papers, and reports. It can also be used to download records from databases. Faculty and graduate students typically use LaTeX and BibTeX software when preparing publications and theses. 

Answer: Yes, it is possible.  Answered 3/29/2010 and 3/8/2010.  Charlotte Erdmann

Here are some internet resources to contain help for using BibTeX and EndNote.

Subject Guide

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