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Get started with Marketing resources.

Marketing Resources: Get Started


  • Market Research can be divided into two categories: 
    • Secondary Market Research includes published research generally gathered by market research companies or trade associations. The information is presented in a report that provides insights into key market topics.
    • Primary Market Research is original research generally gathered through interviews, surveys, or observations to determine specific consumer interests and preferences.
  • Market research reports are a form of secondary market research that deliver competitive intelligence.
    • They give 20-250-page overviews with key trends and statistics, market forces, top companies, and more. 
    • They are secondary market research, packaged forms of primary market research generally gathered through interviews or surveys.
    • They cost between $500-$10,000 on the web but Purdue Libraries subscribe to market research report databases.
    • They are similar to industry reports that are typically wider in scope and focus on competitors within an industry.
  • Consumer research resources give insight about demographics and psychographics (like attitudes, behaviors, interests, and values).
    • They focus to different extents on demographics and psychographics.
    • They are powerful but can be more challenging to use.
  • Advertising promotes and sells to customers, where marketing identifies customers and their needs.

Pro Tips

  • Market research: Can't locate a report or information for a specialty market?
    • Think about a broader market.
    • Consider related or substitute markets.
    • Experiment with different keyword searches.
    • Explore even broader industries.
  • Market research: Which report database should I use?
    • All of them: the market research report databases at Purdue have different topic strengths but can be quickly searched.
  • Market research: Many specialty markets have their own trade or industry association that offer professional insights and data.
    • Use the Gale Directory Library to find trade or industry associations like the Game Manufacturers Association.
    • Search for industry and trade association websites like the Organic Farmers Association. 
    • Industry and trade association publications include newsletters, reports, and blogs that can give valuable analysis or news.
  • Consumer research: Government agencies can yield data on demographics and more.
  • Contact Purdue's Parrish Library if you need help with a resource.

Library Videos on Market Research