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Academic Identity

A research guide on the ways to best practices for managing your online academic identity

What is Online Academic Identity?

  • "Academic Identity" is a term which is fairly new in Information Science literature, but broadly it is the intersection of personal and professional development within scholarly communities.
  • In practical terms, Academic identity is the way that your online presence is profiled by social media, databases, and other sites

Why is it Important?

Why is Academic Identity Important?

  • Your online presence can help to establish your voice and highlight your academic expertise, thus increasing your visibility to the wider academic community. This can help you to find collaborators and readers, or expand the reach of your research, and can even help find you a job.
  • Managing an ORCID account can help to ensure that you get accurate credit for your work, and will help to ensure that the bibliometrics people see on your profile are accurate.
  • This research guide will help you to manage, and track your author identifiers on a number of different platforms such as Scopus, Mendeley, and Web of Science.


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