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D-VELOP: D-VELOP workshops

Join us for D-VELoP workshops for an in-depth look at different visualization techniques and tools.  We have a Visualization and Data Management workshop series in the DVELoP suite on the 3rd floor and Pop-Up Maker sessions on the first floor of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC).

Visualization and Data Management Workshops

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Programs in WALC 3045 (Data Viz Computer Lab)

January 23 - noon-1pm  -  Data Organization with Excel 1 - Pete Pascuzzi

January 25  - noon-1pm  - Introduction to Citation Management - Nastasha Johnson

February 5 -  10am-11am - Citation Management with Zotero - Dave Zwicky

February 20 - 3pm - 4pm - Storage for Data Management and Sharing - Sandi Caldrone and Nastasha Johnson

April 12 - 10am - 11am    - Citation Management with BibTex - Dave Zwicky

Programs in WALC 3049 (Viz Wall Room)

February 6 - 3pm-4pm -    Data Analysis Mini-Hack with OpenRefine - Bethany McGowan

February 13 - noon-1pm - Data Organization with Excel 2 - Pete Pascuzzi

February 13 - 3pm-4pm -  Data Analysis Mini-Hack with Voyant - Bethany McGowan

February 20 - 3pm -4pm - Data Analysis Mini-Hack with Gephi - Bethany McGowan

March 21 - 3pm -4pm -     Citation Management with Mendeley - NuRee Lee and Ilana Stonebraker

  If you have suggestions for other training you would like to see, let us know.

Mobile Making Workshops

All sessions meet in the first floor lobby of the WALC, unless otherwise noted.  All times 1pm-4pm     

March 8th & 22nd  3D jewelry and keychain making - with Sarah Huber, Aly Edmondson, Liz Lukens, Robin Meher, & Lil Conarroe.


Hicks Library April 26 & May 3, 5:30-8 PM 

Photography light boxes and Play-Doh for some stop motion fun, Ozobots for races, and 3D pens for 3D drawing.  We are looking forward to letting off some steam and having fun!