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D-VELOP: D-VELOP workshops

Join us for D-VELoP workshops for an in-depth look at different visualization techniques and tools.  We have a Visualization and Data Management workshop series in the DVELoP suite on the 3rd floor and Pop-Up Maker sessions on the first floor of the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC).

Visualization and Data Management Workshops

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Programs in WALC 3045 (Data Viz Computer Lab)

September 18 - 10am  -  Citation Management with Zotero - David Zwicky

October 18 - 10am  -  Introduction to Bibtex - David Zwicky

Programs in WALC 3049 (Viz Wall Room)

September 10 - 10am  -  Choosing the Right Graph for Your Data Results - Sarah Huber

October 30 - 2pm  -  Navigating Library Search: Tips and Tricks - Dean Lingley, Annapurni Subramaniam

Programs in MTHW301

October 16 - 10am  -  EndNote Desktop - Nastasha Johnson

October 24 - 10am  -  Introduction to PURR - Sandi Caldrone

November 7 - 11am  -  Voyant Tools for Systematic Review - Bethany McGowan

Programs in BRNG B274

November 12 - 2pm  -  Conducting a Literature Review - Clarence Maybee, Heather Howard

Programs in SWAIM Conf. Rm., HSSE 4 flr

October 23 - 2pm  -  How to Plan for a Visit to an Archive Collection - Richard Bernier, Katey Watson


If you have suggestions for other training you would like to see, let us know.

Mobile Making Workshops


We're planning away, so please check back! ​