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Loud on Paper Library Guide

This guide provides information on the Fall 2022 event, zines, and how to make a zine.

Examples of Zines

Zine Libraries

You can find a list of more zine libraries in the USA and around the world from Barnard College's Zine Collection website.

Types of Zines

Zine Types

Zines cover a wide range of topics and include many different genres. Some of the most common types of zines include:

  • Art zines: Contain artwork, photographs, collages, and artwork created by the author. Considered art in itself.
  • Compilation zines: Created in collaboration with others. Usually, a topic is decided, then a call goes out asking for submissions.
  • DIY zines: Teach and inspire readers to do-it-yourself, kind of like a manual.
  • Fanzines: Share information about something you love or about a specific fandom.
  • Literary zines: Include a self-published collection of fiction, essays, and/or poetry.
  • Mini comics: Feature creator-made comics that are self-published, not necessarily small in size.
  • Personal zines (aka "perzines"): Focus on the author's life, opinions, and thoughts.
  • Political zines: Deal with politics, social justice, historical movements, and contemporary issues.

Although these are common genres, there are no strict rules for the types of zines you can make. Be creative and express yourself in whatever way works best for you!

What is a Zine?


zine (pronounced ZEEN) is short for "fanzine" and is usually a small-batch, independently published work that circulates less than 1,000 copies. Anyone can be a zinester (aka "someone who creates a zine"), and most people make zines for the love of creating rather than for seeking a profit. In general, a zine is a pamphlet-like publication that can include text, images, artwork, found objects, or any other creative material that helps to express the author's message.

Common CharacteristicsZine examples

While the possibilities for zines are almost limitless, a few common characteristics include:

  • self-published
  • DIY
  • physical or digital
  • low-budget
  • portable
  • community-oriented
  • creative


Image credit: "Women Zines 101" by artnoose is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Additional Information

Zinesters & Zine Culture


Zine culture is alive and thriving. Zinesters often share their work at local zine fests. These events showcase the wide variety of zines and allow creators to meet fellow zinesters. This documentary short from 2019 features several contemporary zinesters in the Los Angeles area.