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HTM 499 (Ally Lee): Business Development in Hospitality and Tourism

Entrepreneurship Business Plans

Resources for Entrepreneurs

How Do You Find Your Niche?

Industry & Market Analysis

  • Government Data
  • Industry Overviews
  • Market Research Reports
  • Trade Associations

Demographics & Consumer Habits

  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are they?
  • What do they care about?

Business Articles

  • General Business Magazines
  • Trade Magazines
  • Regional Business Publications
  • Newspapers


  • Competitors
  • Supply Chain
  • B2B Customers

Market Research



Trade Associations


Demographics and Census Data

Company Overview

HTM Data Sources

The HVS Hotel Brokers Survey is published twice annually and provides an important look at cap rate trends, multipliers, and other key investment metrics for the US and Canadian hotel industry. HVS reaches out to over 80 active hotel brokers in the US and Canada to participate in the survey, and their insights provide you with the pulse of the market as it relates to these key topics:

    Going-in Cap Rates by Hotel Product Type
    Exit Cap Rates by Hotel Product Type
    Current Rooms Revenue Multipliers
    Hotel Marketing Times by Hotel Product Type
    Selling Expenses by Hotel Product Type
    Effects of Liquidation
    Insights into Specific Markets, As Provided

The HVS U.S. Hotel Franchise Fee Guide provides a comparative review of various hotel franchises based on their applicable franchise fees.

Trends® in the Hotel Industry is an annual compilation of unit-level hotel financial statements. Since 1936, PKF has collected year-end operating statements from thousands of hotels across the nation. From these statements, our Firm extracts 200 specific revenue and expense items and then puts the data into a uniform format to ensure equitable benchmarking.

Citation Management

Citation management software can help you manage your research and easily organize and format your citations in a wide variety of citation styles. Check out the links below for more information about these useful programs.