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Veterinary Specialty Boards Reading Lists

American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW) - About

This is only a convenience copy of the ACAW reading list to help find copies of reading materials in local libraries.  It does not replace the official ACAW reading list. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use the latest ACAW reading list.

This guide contains the list of books and journals recommended as study materials for the American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW) examination.

Residents are responsible for ensuring they are using the correct eiditon of a book for their exam.

Please ask your librarian, mentor, or specialty board examination committee if questions arise.

"The ACAW has developed the following suggested resource list for individuals interested in developing a deeper understanding of animal welfare. The intent of the list is to help the applicant view the breadth and scope of animal welfare, including controversial issues, and to augment current knowledge in preparation for the examination. It should not be construed as a commitment regarding specific examination material nor does it reflect endorsement of a particular viewpoint expressed by any author.  For ease of use, the list is divided by tasks listed on the Role Delineation Document (RDD), then alphabetically by author/editor, although many references contain information that would apply to more than one task and are not listed more than once. For the purposes of studying for the ACAW examination, it is suggested that an applicant review texts pertaining to general principles of animal welfare (marked with an asterisk *) as well as web links and species specific material as needed, then use other resources within each RDD category to augment knowledge. More timely material, available in periodicals listed at the end should be consulted as well."


RDD Task



Concepts and History of Animal Welfare



Ethical Issues



Animal Welfare Assessment Considerations



Animal Environments



The Role of the Veterinary Profession in Promoting Animal Welfare



The Individual Veterinarian’s Role in Promoting Animal Welfare



The Impact of Human, Animal, Environment Interactions on Animal Welfare



Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines



Contemporary Animal Welfare Issues, Overarching Topics

20% (A+B)


Contemporary Animal Welfare Issues, Species Specific Topics


Source: American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW) Resource List

This resource updated: 09/02/2016

Source reading list reviewed: 09/02/2016

Source reading list updated by specialty board: 11/15/2015