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CNIT 320 Policy, Regulation, & Globalization in Information Technology: International Government Resources

Provides access to scholarly resources on this topic including journal articles, laws, regulations, and government information resources from the U.S., foreign countries, and international government organizations.


European Commission Cybersecurity

Eur-Lex (European Union Law)

International Labor Organization ((United Nations affiliated organization addressing labor and workforce subjects)

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) (United Nations affiliated organization addressing communications subjects)

Interpol Cybercrime (Interpol is an international police organization with over 190 member countries)

OECD ILibrary (Purdue users only).  The OECD is an organization of the world's most advanced countries economically)

Organization of American States (OAS)(International Government organization of countries in the Western Hemisphere)

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)-United Nations affiliated organization with 188 member countries seeking to develop a balanced and effective international intellectual property system.

Berne Convention for Protection of Artistic Works (International agreement seeking to protect authors, musicians, poets, painters etc. with the ability to control how their works are used.)

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