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CNIT 320 Policy, Regulation, & Globalization in Information Technology: U.S. Government Resources

Provides access to scholarly resources on this topic including journal articles, laws, regulations, and government information resources from the U.S., foreign countries, and international government organizations.


Numerous U.S. Government agencies from the executive, judicial, and legislative branches are involved in information policy and regulation.  Examples include:

United States Code (complete text of U.S. laws)
Code of Federal Regulations (Regulations agencies use to enforce federal laws)
Federal Register (Where new and proposed federal agency regulations are announced) (Comment on proposed federal agency regulations) (Library of Congress division responsible for examining and registering copyright claims in software, books, movies, photographs, music, and other authored works.)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Independent agency Responsible for regulating broadcast, telephonic, wire, and satellite communications domestically and internationally.
U.S. Supreme Court
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (This Justice Dept. entity was established in 1978 and reviews U.S. Government applications for approval of electronic surveillance, physical search, and other foreign intelligence investigative actions.)
Cybercrime.go(Justice Dept's Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section)
Internet Crime Complaint Center

National Counterintelligence Security Center (NCSC)(Supports U.S. Government and intelligence community counterintelligence activities including cybersecurity.)
National Security Agency

Dept. of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Resources
Dept. of Homeland Security Inspector General

National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Information Technology Portal (Commerce Dept. division researching cybersecurity & biometrics)

House Homeland Security Committee
Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee
Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Congressional Research Service (Courtesy:  University of North Texas Library)

Congressional Research Service (Courtesy:  Library of Congress 2018-present)

Internet of Things (IOT):  An Introduction  (June 4, 2019 CRS report)

Government Accountability Office (Congressional support agency documenting U.S. Government agency program performance)
GovInfo  (U.S. Government Publishing Office service providing one-stop access to federal legal, legislative, & regulatory information resources from 1994/1995-present


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