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VCS 603: Introduction to Clinical Research

A guide for VCS60300 - Introduction of Clinical Research, Trials, and Translational Medicine

Creating Search Alerts

CAB Abstracts (Web of Science platform)

   To create a recurring search alert in CAB Abstracts when new citations are available on your topic , you must first::

  • Sign In [link is on top bar], using your email address. First time users should Register then sign in.
  • Do a search for the topic that interests you.

   Then from the Search History page, click the Save History / Create Alert button that is displayed in the Search History table.

   When the Save Search History overlay box appears, you can:

  • Enter a name (without file extension) in the Search History Name field.  Name can be a single word or phase.
  • Enter a description in the Description field (optional).
  • Select the E-mail Alerts check box.
  • Enter an email address into the Send to E-mail Address box.  Use semicolon(;) and space to separate multiple addresses.
  • Select  an Alert type (such as Author, Title, Source + Abstract or Full Record).
  • Select an Format [such as Endnote (field-delimited) or Field Tagged (simplified import to EndNote or Reference Manager)].
  • Select Frequency (either weekly or monthly).
  • Click the Save button to save alert to the WoK server and go th the Server Save Confirmation page.  Click Done.

   For more detail, consult the CABI help page at  Save a Search History as an Alert.


To create a recuring saved search with authomatic e-mail alert in PubMed, you must first:

  • Select Sign in to NCBI link in upper right-hand corner of PubMed screen and Sign in. First time users should select Register for an NCBI account link (bottom of left-hand box) to register and then sign in.
  • Do a search for the topic that interests you.

Then click the Create Alert link under the search box to get to the My NCBI - Saved Searches screen.

When the My NCBI-Saved Search screen appears, you can:

  • Change Name of save search: if desired.
  • Change Search terms: if desired.  Option to test search terms available.  Do not include dates or date ranges in these searches.
  • Choose "Yes, please"  for the question "Would you like e-mail updates of new search results?".
  • Change E-mail: if desired.
  • Select Frequency: [Monthly, Weekly, Daily].
  • Select day for search to be done (default is the first Saturday).
  • Select Report format: [usually summary (bibliographic citation) or abstract (bibliographic citation + abstract)]
  • Select Number of items: to send [can select up to 200 items]. Indicate if you want them send even if no new results.
  • Select Any text to appear at top of e-mail (optional) and click Save.

For more details, consult Saving and Managing Searches in My NCBI Help