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VCS 603: Introduction to Clinical Research, Trials and Translation Research

A guide for VCS60300 - Introduction of Clinical Research, Trials, and Translational Medicine

Library Resources

The Veterinary Medical Library is one of several libraries in the Purdue University Libraries with specialized resources linked to its website. To find information and resources, try:

  • The Libraries Catalog searches for books, journal titles, and A/V materials
  • Search for journal articles in Databases. Purdue Libraries provides access to over 500 databases in all academic disciplines, including journal indexes, statistical resources, and other data, many with full-text access
  • Online Journals provides access to online journals--search here by journal name

Key databases include:

For resources that are not available at Purdue, you can submit a request through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

For additional Libraries workshops for graduate students, see the Get A G.R.I.P (Graduate Research Information Portal)