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Reference Guide for Pharmacy Students

Citation format based on AMA for College of Pharmacy students

Book Chapter

Chapter Author Last Name First Initial Middle Initial. Title of chapter. In: Name of Book. Edition Number. Editors Last Name First Initial Middle Initial, eds. City of publication, State Abbreviation: Name of Publisher; Year.

Calis KA, Sheehan AH. Formulating effective responses and recommendations:  A structured approach. In: Drug Information: A guide for pharmacists. 4th ed. Malone PM, Kier KL, Stanovich JE, eds. New York: McGraw Hill; 2012.

Scott SA. The prescription. In: Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy. 21st Edition. Beringer P, Gupta PK, DerMarderosian A, et al., eds. Philadelphia PA: The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; 2005.