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Reference Guide for Pharmacy Students

Citation format based on AMA for College of Pharmacy students

Introduction and General Guidelines

This guide is based on the AMA Manual of Style:  A Guide for Authors and Editors.  There are many correct ways to list references or citations; this guide will provide a standardized format to use throughout the professional program.

General Guidelines:
  • List references as superscripts at the end of sentences or phrases.  Example.1,3-5,8
  • List author names with the author’s last name followed by initials, no periods.  Example:  Sheehan AH, Reed JB. The full last name of the author should be spelled out. Day-Lewis D. 
  • Retain the spelling, abbreviations, and style for numbers used in the original article title, book title, parts of book, or other material.
  • For journal article titles and chapter titles in books, capitalize only (1) the first letter of the first word, (2) proper names, (3) names of clinical trials or study groups (eg, Community health worker home visits for adults with uncontrolled asthma: the HomeBASE Trial randomized clinical trial), and (4) abbreviations that are ordinarily capitalized (eg, DNA, EEG, VDRL).
  • For journal titles and book titles, capitalize all main words.
  • The year, followed by a semicolon; the volume number and the issue number (in parentheses), followed by a colon; the initial page number, a hyphen, and the final page number, followed by a period, are set without spaces. Do not omit digits from inclusive page numbers. The doi should be included if provided. The doi should be the final element and is not followed by a period
  • The doi should be presented with lowercase letters a colon and no spaces. The doi does not have to go onto its own line. The full doi starting at 10. should be included. (doi:10.1111/acem.13311)
  • Do not use quotation marks.
  • Reference the most specific part when possible (i.e., cite the monograph within the online database, not the entire database or cite the chapter within book.)

AH Sheehan; VJ Killion; JB Reed
revised July 2020