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HIST 495 Divided Germany 1945-1990: Scholarly Journals Collections

HIST 495 Divided Germany 1945-1990

Scholarly Journal & Resource Collections

Scholarly Journal & Resource Collections

Berlin Wall Memorial  (Commemorates how the Berlin Wall divided Germany as it looked in the late 1980s)

Central  Intelligence Agency (CIA) Museum:  Provides virtual access to information about CIA Cold War activities.

Deutsches Historisches Musem (German History Museum) Germany's national history museum based in Berlin.

International Spy Museum (Washington, DC-based commercial institution)
JSTOR (Provides access to historical journal articles in the humanities and social sciences. DOES NOT include the most recent five years.)

National Cryptologic Museum (National Security  Agency museum documenting U.S. cryptologic history)
Project Muse (Provides access to recent scholarly journal articles in the humanities.)

Stasi Museum:  Berlin museum documenting the history of the East German secret police (STASI)

Wende Museum:  Culver City, CA museum providing Cold  War documentation on Central and East European countries.

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