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HIST 495 Divided Germany 1945-1990: German Government and International Government Organizations

HIST 495 Divided Germany 1945-1990

German Government and International Government Organizations

German and International Government Organization Resources
Akten zur Ausw�rtigen Politik der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (In German) HSSE Periodicals 327.4300904505 AK79 (Official documentary record of West German foreign policy. Covers 1949-1950 to 1977 with gaps.)
Verhandlungen des Deutschen Bundestages. Stenographische Berichte. (In German) HIKS Repository 320.0943 G317 (Official proceedings of West German Parliament's lower house. Covers 1949-1990)(Some vols. in microfilm.)

Deutsches Museum (Munich-German national science & technology museum)
Federal Commissioner for Stasi Archives (Records kept by the East German Secret Police known as the STASI).
German Historical Museum (Berlin)

German Statistical Yearbooks (West & East Germany) (In German)

Germany National Archives
Documents on British Policy Overseas HSSE 327.41 D569 1984 (Official British foreign policy documentary compendium. Covers selected European topics from 1968-1976).
Europeana-European Union funded resource of two million digital items including images, text, sound, and videos.
British House of Commons Parliamentary Debates (Covers 1803-2005).  Also  Online from Nov. 1988-present HERE
British National Archives Cabinet Papers 1915-1991
Official Records United Nations General Assembly HSSE Repository 341.6306 Un250
Official Records United Nations Security Council HSSE Repository 341.6306 Un26o
Parallel History Project on Cooperative History (Features collections of NATO and Warsaw Pact military and intelligence documents. Many documents available in languages besides English.)

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