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HIST 495 Divided Germany 1945-1990: U.S. Congressional

HIST 495 Divided Germany 1945-1990

U.S. Congressional

U.S. Congressional Resources
The U.S. Congress and congressional committees are responsible for approving legislation, conducting oversight of federal agency programs, and funding these programs. Consequently, congressional publications are excellent resources for researching American policy toward Germany. Examples of these resources include:

Congressional Record HSSE Repository X/A and online through ProQuest Congressional (Contains congressional speeches and debates, recorded votes, and information on legislation for both the House & Senate.)

House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on the Departments of State... HSSE MF Y 4.AP 6/1
House Foreign Affairs & International Relations Committees HSSE DOC & HSSE ATTIC Y 4.F 76/1 & Y 4.IN 8/16 HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.

Senate Appropriations Committee Subcommittee Subcommittee on Foreign Operations  HSSE DOC Y 4.AP 6/2
Senate Foreign Relations Committee HSSE DOC & HSSE ATTIC Y 4.F 76/2 HERE for selected fulltext Hathitrust catalog records.


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