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Literature Review

“A literature review is a document or section of a document that collects key sources on a topic and discusses those sources in conversation with each other (also called synthesis).” -- Purdue OWL

Literature Review Assignment Details

Your group will write the literature review together. 

  • Include 4-5 professional sources (journal article, professional association article, specification details, etc.).
  • IEEE citation format.
  • A cover page with title, every team member listed. 
  • Title and page number on each page, upper right hand corner.
  • A References page.
  • Assignment is due January 27, 11:59 PM.

All of your resources will be synthesized into one literature review. Follow the suggested steps for writing your literature review.

  1. Organize your ideas:
    • Review the article themes.
    • Notice the relationships between the themes and the different articles.
    • Write down the overarching story between the articles.
  2. Organize your paper following the Purdue Owl's example:
    • Introduction (what are you doing and why -- what problem are you going to solve?)
    • Body (how will you do it -- what technology, materials etc. -- this is where patents, standards, articles will all inform those decisions)
    • Conclusion (reiterate what, why, how)
  3. When writing your review, remember to use quotes sparingly and always cite where you got your information. Review signal phrases as a way to always give credit to authors.
  4. Take the time to learn more about literature reviews to help with this assignment and future reviews:


To read example literature reviews:

1. Purdue Owl gives this example using APA.

2. And here is a paper within research gate that has a literature review section in IEEE (you just need to see the lit review as an example).