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ECET 380: Project Management

Library & online resources for Entertainment Technology


This guide will help you locate Entertainment Technology resources. If you need help with research, I am happy to help!

Research Resources

Ideas to Guide Your Search

For this search, you should be looking for engineering design process methods that fit your group's project goals. For instance, if your project has some sort of motion element, look for resources that describe motor integration into a prop.

Other things to consider:

  • Who is your audience? Is there any research available on the demographic to help guide your goals?
  • Are there patents available to help understand a mechanism you will incorporate?
  • What standards will you need to consider?
  • What material properties can you find to support your choices?

Search Tips

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Searching from Northeastern University Libraries

Database Search Tips: Overview from MIT Libraries

Recommended Research Databases

Recommended Journals


Recommended Patent Resources

The below is from Professor Dave Zwicky's Libguide

Google Patents

This database features Google's easy-to-use search interface, but Google's search algorithm can be inconsistent when dealing with legal-

technical patent language. You can use it for doing a first pass when patentability searching, but make sure to use other resources as well.

Please read for further information or to ask for additional patent help.

Patent Lens

This free and open database of international patents has a modern search interface and offers some unique patent searching tools.