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Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

This guide highlights the Cornerstone program, e-library, and Reading Room.

Evaluating Sources

Each of the videos listed below is part of the Foundations of the Research Process video series, Module 2 - Evaluating Sources.


Distinguishing Primary and Secondary Sources

This brief video explores two kinds of information sources you may use in your research—primary and secondary sources, as well as the unique characteristics of both kind of sources and why you may want to incorporate them into your research project or paper.


How to Evaluate Sources

This brief video shares three themes you will want to think through as you evaluate information sources for a research paper or project (authority, accuracy, objectivity), as well as specific questions you will want to pose as you investigate a source’s authority, accuracy, and objectivity or perspective.


Using Scholarly Literature in Your Research

This brief video introduces scholarly literature as an important and highly credible kind of information source you can incorporate into your research. In addition to discussing the unique characteristics of scholarly literature, the video briefly discusses how to locate scholarly literature from the Purdue Libraries’ catalog.