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Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

This guide highlights the Cornerstone program, e-library, and Reading Room.

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Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts Program

Cornerstone is a 15-hour certificate program in the Liberal Arts. It is dedicated to enhancing the foundational knowledge of Purdue students across our campus, deepening their ability to see unity across disciplines, to appreciate ambiguity, and to love learning. Cornerstone demonstrates the ongoing significance of the humanities and social sciences and seeks to develop engaged Purdue graduates who can respond creatively and flexibly to the challenges of a diverse world.

Cornerstone is committed to developing Purdue graduates who can compete in the global job market, who can assimilate and analyze information, think creatively, adapt to change, connect in multi-cultural environments, make sound judgments, and above all, communicate their ideas with precision and eloquence.

In September 2020, the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts program was recognized as the inspiration for a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Teagle Foundation. Together, they will sponsor Cornerstone: Learning for Living, a grant program to reinvigorate the role of the humanities in general education across the country. NEH and the Teagle Foundation have committed a minimum of $7 million to the project. The Cornerstone: Learning for Living initiative is designed, through general education, to provide all students with the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the world and themselves, while strengthening the skills to read closely, write clearly, speak with confidence, and to engage with differing viewpoints and perspectives—all capacities cultivated by the humanities that are crucial for participation in our democracy.

For more information about the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts program, please visit the Cornerstone website.

Collaborate with a Cornerstone Liaison Librarian

Katie Randall and Kristin Leaman are the Cornerstone Liaison Librarians. To learn more about how to collaborate with them and the services they provide, please visit A Guide to Collaborating with Cornerstone Liaison Librarians. The Word document can be accessed in the box below. We look forward to working with you! 

A Guide to Collaborating with Cornerstone Liaison Librarians